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Some people struggle to get to appointments every week. It is always best to see a therapist in person, but for some clients, this can be almost impossible. Having video therapy by Skype or FaceTime best suits those with physical mobility problems, debilitating psychological difficulties which keep them housebound, as well as those living in remote areas where it is difficult to access a therapy service. For business people who often travel abroad, video therapy means that needing to be out the country need not get in the way of making progress in therapy.

Skype therapy
Skype counselling
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Getting Started with Skype Therapy


Security and confidentiality

Skype does have a security policy and you can read more about this here. You can also read about Apple’s security features here. There are some additional precautions, which you will need to think about. This includes:

Password: Choose a password that nobody else will be able to guess and which is different to passwords you use elsewhere. The password must be unique and not a common password. You can make it a sentence eg. MyTherapySessions. You could even include numbers or special characters eg. MyTh3rapySess!ons. Changing your password regularly will give you added security.

Profile: Skype will give you the opportunity to put details on a profile. You can keep this entirely blank if you’d like to, since whatever you put on this can be seen by others who use Skype and is therefore publicly available. You are also able to change your profile at any time.

Skype privacy settings: You can control who can call you, send you an instant message and also manage your Skype-use history. To update your settings on a PC, open Skype and click Tools > Options > Privacy. On a Mac it’s Skype > Preferences > Privacy. Here you can control who contacts you.

Being safe online: As with anything online, you need to protect yourself and your computer. Viruses, for example, can cause havoc with your computer whether or not you are a Skype user. You need to be sure you have all the usual precautions in place such as an antivirus program, using a personal firewall (there are many excellent free programs available) and updating security programs regularly. Visit InSafe or Get Safe Online for more information on secure internet use.

Confidentiality: Once your computer and internet settings are secure, you will also need to consider how private you will be when you have your vieo counselling session. To help you speak more freely, you will need to be confident that nobody can overhear you or interrupt the session. You need to consider when you can be alone in front of your computer for 50 minutes a week. Perhaps there is a time when family commitments are not so demanding. Or perhaps you can book an office at work regularly and access the internet from a laptop.


Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Couples’ therapy can help you move through stuck patterns of communication, blocks to intimacy, recovering from infidelity and loss and to find future direction.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can help you develop personal insight, understand roots of difficulties, recognise what holds you back and experiment with strategies to move beyond barriers.



Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a well-respected and evidence based short-term treatment for trauma.

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